Story of Parijat

Parijat is the brainchild of Fatema Zohra, an insurance worker who traveled in the rural areas witnessing the harsh conditions that prevented women from participating in the industrial workforce. Fatema soon realized that people are more than willing to work beyond walled factories as long as their livelihoods are guaranteed, and the welfare of their community is ensured. Parijat was established with the sole purpose of providing a community-based liberal working environment and learning program for craftsmen of naturally sourced materials.

Since 2014 Parijat Bangladesh has been striving to preserve the art of handmade in an automated world. It is our mission to uphold our craftsmanship and introduce it to the world outside Bangladesh.

Our products are made to change lives, empower artisans and their families. Our artisans have perfected the art of handicraft by passing it on from one generation to the next. We believe in providing the artisans with a true sense of independence by enabling them financially and ensuring that their creativity is weaved into reality.

Parijat’s products are entirely handmade, and all raw materials are sourced from nature.

Meet Shamola. In the village of Kishoregonj, single mother, thrived on her passion for handicraft. Juggling the demands of parenthood, she managed to be the most inspiring and focused artisan.

Meet Salam brothers, two of the most creative artisans. Both the brothers and their families supply bamboo products in local markets. With a view to market their products abroad they have joined Parijat. 

Meet Rohima, her husband is a day laborer in the brick kilns and the hazardous work conditions often led to fatigue and sickness which resulted in severe hardship for the family. Rohima joined Parijat when she saw the work conditions and the flexibility to bring her children to work also meant she had less to worry about.

Meet Hashem, a husband, a father of four and a fighter with indomitable spirit. He maintains the fine balance of exploring his passion in handicrafts while ensuring a life of dignity and respect for his family.

Our people

We transform your home, you transform our lives

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.